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Mission Ranch Market groceries and home goods available at discount prices!
Mission Ranch Market has a great selection of produce, home goods, baked goods, and so much more. Stop on by today!
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Persian produce/products & more at Mission Ranch Market of Orange County Do you live in the Orange County area? Are you searching for an international foods market? Then look no further. At Mission Ranch Market, we carry a large selection of Persian and Middle Eastern foods aside from domestic produce/products. Find everything you need for your kitchen & home. We also carry ethnic and specialty food products from various regions including Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Mission Ranch Market includes special sections for fresh international produce, deli, cheeses and meats.

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to view Mission Ranch Market's various departments: Fruits & Veggies, Our Mission Ranch Restaurant, Meat, Poultry & Seafood, Deli & Cheeses, Grains, Beans & Spices, the Mission Ranch Bakery, Home Goods & Groceries
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, and our beautiful Floral department.

Persian favorites at Mission Ranch Restaurant of OC

An Orange County Restaurant that serves Persian Favorites - Mission Ranch Restaurant

Craving the flavors of Persian cuisine, but don't know where to go in Orange County? If you're in the mood for some great Middle Eastern food, you've got to try an Orange County restaurant that serves up the finest & freshest flavors of Persian cuisine - Mission Ranch Restaurant of Mission Viejo. Attached to Mission Ranch Market, the restaurant offers a convenient experience for those looking to cross a few things off their to-do lists: shop for groceries at the market

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, buy a few loaves of fresh bread at Mission Ranch Bakery, and then sit down for a hearty & satisfying meal at Mission Ranch Restaurant
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Our Orange County restaurant is a Persian gem in the heart of Southern California. At Mission Ranch Restaurant, we offer a plethora of Persian favorites and traditional recipes; everything from appetizers like freshly made nan-e, Panir Sabzi, Salad Olovieh, Hummus, Maust-o-Moosir, and Eggplant Borani; special rice & meat plates such as Zereshk Polo, Lubia Polo, Addas Polo, Baghali Polo; Persian stews like Ghormeh Sabzi, Fesenjon, and Gheimeh Bademjan; chicken plates like Chicken Koobideh, Chicken Kabobs, Chicken Barg; Koobideh Sandwiches, Koobideh Skewers and so much more.

If you're looking for some good mood food in Orange County, Mission Ranch Restaurant is the place to be. You can also inquire about our Catering & Special Event services. Call us at (949) 544-7272 for more information. Click here to view the menu.

The Best Persian Sweets & Treats of Orange County

Sweet Persian Treats and delectable Middle Eastern treats at Mission Ranch Bakery of Orange County

Mission Ranch Bakery has the most Persian sweets & treats in the Orange County area. Give in to your sweet-tooth and indulge. Once you step into the Mission Ranch Bakery, you'll be welcomed with the overwhelming aroma of warm taftoon & mashhadi, crisp lavash, the sight of hanging sangak, and so much more. Not to mention the colorful, mouthwatering delights of the fresh confections baked daily - beautiful rolets, fruit-filled butter cookies, freshly made baklava, sugar-glazed cream cakes, walnut koloocheh & masgati, and other treats.

We're proud to boast that Mission Ranch Bakery has more Persian confections per square foot than any other Persian market around Orange County area. Our bakers specialize in both Mid-East and European pastries & breads. Stop by and thrill your sweet-tooth today with nearly 20 types of tasty, syrup-dripping treats from traditional recipes to our own creations such as Apple Baklava and Hazelnut Baklava! Check out Mission Ranch Bakery section for more details or call us at (949) 380-7955.


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